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A-S0804R8N STANDALONE DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE H.264 hardware-based codec for superior video compression Pentaplex Functional DVR

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a-s0804r8n-2-s a-s0804r8a-2-s a-s0804r8n-s IPhone

Video Compression
Video Input
8 x BNC 
Video Output
1xMain Monitor, 1X VGA
Display Resolution
720 x 480 (NTSC)/ 720 x 576 (PAL)
Display Rate
Real-Time 240fps (NTSC), 200fps (PAL)
Monitoring Features
Multi-Split, Digital Zoom
Recording and Playback
Recording Resolution
720 x 240 (NTSC) / 720 x 288 (PAL), 360 x 240 (NTSC) / 360 x 288 (PAL)
Recording Rate
720x240 (NTSC 120 FPS), 720x288 (PAL 100 FPS), or 360 x 240 (NTSC 240 FPS), 360 x 288 (PAL 200 FPS)
Recording Quality
4 x Levels (Best, High, Medium, Low)
Playback Rate
Fast Forward (x2~x6), Fast Backward (x2~x6), Field by Field Playback, Pause 
Recording Mode Manual, Scheduled (5 Recording Schedule)
Search Mode Schedule, Event (Motion, Alarm)
Recording Features Post-Alarm Recording, Privacy Recording, Video Motion Detection (VMD), Video Loss Detection
Languages Multi-Language Support (English, Japanese, Chinese etc.)
Storage Compatibility 1 x SATA HDD Slot (2TB Compatible)
Data Export Medium 1 x USB 2.0 Slot
HDD Management Status, Format, Overwrite, Capacity Warning 
System Feature Firmware Upgrade (USB FlashDrive)
Network Connection 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet
Network Protocols Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE
Remote Software
Web Browser Internet Explorer
Mobile Phone IPhone, Blackberry, Windows Smart Phone
Event Notification
Network Data Export
Audio in/out 4xRCA In, 1xRCA Out 
User Interface IR Remote Controller, USB Optical Mouse
User Group

Dimension (WxHxD)
Unit Weight
Operating temperature 0 ~ 45°C
Operating humidity 0 ~ 90%
Power Cosumption DC 12V
Approvals UL, CE, FCC
Individual Camera Settings
Icon_CameraPreferences_tn A-S0804R8N user can indenpendently tune all 8 camera channels with its own HUE, SATURATION, BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST that meets your own surveillance cameras quality specifications. Each channel can be uniquely titled for your recording purpose.

Surveillance Motion & Sensitivity Zones
Icon_MotionSensitivity_tn User can customize each surveillance channel with specific motion and sensitivity profile. For example, user may decide that certain motion details are neglectable, and areas to be excluded while certain areas in the camera it's a must at all times to be actively awared of motion sensing. DVR Motiion detection trigger event can be notified by loud audible alert and / or EMAIL delivery to the important personel via PC or Cell phone. simply access over the DVR and look up the specific event log for instant playback.

Recording Quality
Icon_RecordingPreferences_tn The desired recording quality can be managed through intuitive screen. The recording time availability will vary on playback resolution settings vs harddrive recording capacity.

Eventful Alerts
Icon_EventfulAlerts_tn Configurable per channel, Surveillance Signal Loss, Motion Trigger, Audible Alarm, Alert Durations, Recording Log Management

HDD Management and Real-Time Recording Estimation
Icon_HDDManagement_tn A-S0804R8N has been tested with 2TB S-ATA Hard drives available today. Hard drive installation task takes less than 15 minutes, Managing through the friendly on-screen menu can get user started right away! Hard drive menu functions allow user to perform formatting, view real-time estimation of remaining capacity & available recording time frame. An automatic over-write option allows DVR to recycle the oldest DVR recorded videos data back into free space when DVR capacity becomes full.

Internet & Networking
Icon_NetworkSetup_tn A-S0804R8N DVR's network user accounts can be customized with remote monitoring privilages. Administrator login can remotely manage & configure several DVR locations over the internet in just minutes, imagine how much time can be saved with the convience of internet networking.

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