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Network Setup Guide

This tutorial only applies to Aposonic DVRs model number:  A-S0401R21, A-S0402R17, A-S0802R18, A-S0802R22, A-S0808R22FD, A-S0802R19, A-S1602R25, A-S1602R20B, A-S1602R25N, A-S1604R26, A-S1604R20A, A-H4D1, A-H2A8D2.

To view your cameras from a PC, we will first need to check the internal IP address of your DVR.  Go to the Main Menu, log in and click on Setup to access the window shown as below:


Click on Network icon to view your DVR's network parameters.  In the Network page, first change the Net Type to DHCP and then right click on the mouse to exit and save the change.  Once the change has been saved, go back into the Network page, your DVR will receive a new set of IP address assigned by your network router.  Copy down the IP address.  This will be the number you use to access your DVR in the local network (i.e. when you are at the DVR's location). Now click on Advance (or ADV) to go into the advance menu:


You will see three (3) ports listed here, the control port, data port, and HTTP port.  You will need to setup port forwarding rule in your router's configuration page, to be able to view your cameras outside of your local network.  Different brand or routers and different Internet Service Provider has different approach to setup port forwarding.  But the idea is to map these three ports to your DVR's IP address in your router, so the traffic will not be blocked by your router when accessing remotely.  


If you need assistance setting up port forwarding, we would recommend you to either 1.) contact your Internet Service Provider, 2.) go to http://portforward.com/ and look up the instruction for your router, or 3.) give our support line a call.  Our support representative will be gladly help you through the process.  


Now let's go to your computer and bring up your Internet Explorer Browser.  Before we can view the cameras, we need to install the necessary plug-in first.  We will need to tweak with the security settings a little bit so your IE does not block the ActiveX control.

1.  Bring up your Internet Explorer Browser,

2.  Click on Tools -> Internet Options,

3.  Click on Security tab as shown, and then click on Trusted Site and adjust your "Security Level for this zone" to low for now.

4.  Click on Sites to add your DVR's IP address to your trusted site.


5.  Input your DVR's IP address to "Add this website to the zone:", unchecked "Require Server Verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" and then click Add.  It will bring you back to the previous window.  Click OK to close it.  


Now you can view your cameras by entering the DVR's IP address on the address bar of your Internet Explorer.  In this example, you will type  

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